Snow always evokes feelings of festivity, a different time, far-away places, other horizons and calls to the deepest sensations of our beings. Artificial snow décor is a communication tool, a vector of advertising, a theatrical medium for points-of-sales, which should be in the arsenal of anyone responsible for Public Relations and Communications.

Dreamaker Events, specialists in the latest technology in winter effects, will create an atmosphere reminiscent of the Great White North. This very unique process provides a snow scene that is stable, ecologically-friendly, durable and visually attractive.

Dreamaker Snow Effect will work with you to create a scene of pure cellulose snow to enhance your POS and events staging with a spectacular winter landscape.

Its brilliance allows it to achieve an extraordinary shimmering effect when illuminated by spotlights or sunlight. For a winter setting in a window display or on the ground, it has the appearance of real snow crystals.

Choose a magical, fantasy, fairy-tale décor for your corporate functions, seminars, conventions, fashion shows, public gatherings, galas, receptions, evening festivities, window displays, catalogues, advertising or promotions with a thematic or seasonal scene.

Let your imagination run wild, well take care of the rest.

Snow Effect Services:

  • Snowfall
  • Installation of Winter Effects
  • Frost & Ice
  • Accessories and Decorations